CiviFlow Talk and Demonstration at CiviCamp Manchester ’23

CiviFlow Talk and Demonstration at CiviCamp Manchester ’23

We’re really excited to announce that tomorrow (Friday 1st of December) our Technical Director: Tom Taylor will be presenting a talk and demonstration on our new open source CiviFlow extension for CiviCRM at CiviCamp 2023 in Manchester, UK. see:

The CiviFlow extension enables CiviCRM to leverage the power of the existing CiviRules extension, which responds to events and actions taken by users (or pre scheduled), in order to launch context aware, stateful workflows to be executed by the Prefect Workflow Orchestration Platform

Prefect is a very recently published open source workflow orchestration platform. It perfectly complements CiviCRM when applied to the automation of back office tasks and enabling deep integration to 3rd party services. Not only is Prefect 100% free and can be easily run on your CiviCRM application server by means of Encircle’s pre-built CivicDuty Prefect distribution for Docker, it leverages Pythons rich history of approaching development from a “Batteries Included” perspective. In practice, this means that with just a few lines of code it’s rich set of ready to run libraries are capable of integrating with anything you can imagine; from low level IOT device protocols through to rich and expressive interactions with AI technologies such as ChatGPT and Twister.

In Tom’s talk, he hopes to communicate to his audience, the journey that Encircle and their clients are on, starting from a patchwork cron jobs, bash scripts, spreadsheets and people power to provide a very brittle layer of back office integration, through to developing CiviFlow to provide cutting edge automation and integration without incurring the costs, complexity and lock in of large commercial vendors.

Tom will be speaking at the lightning talks session starting at 15:30hrs. The full day’s programme can be viewed here:


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