Praxis Platform

Praxis - precision devops components.

What is it?

Praxis enables you to easily and safely build, deploy and consume open source applications with simple and transparent hourly billing on the compute resources. No license fees. Assured open source. Fail cheaply and securely.

Praxis is a range of precision open source components delivered via your chosen cloud vendor. Our initial channel marketplace is AWS, with Azure and Google marketplaces on the roadmap.

If you’re a SaaS vendor, ISV or simply looking to trial a micro-service architecture, Praxis is for you.

The best bit is that all Praxis apps are updated continuously by our secops team, so you don’t need to worry about the underlying sub-systems. Just restart your stack, test staging, revert or push live.

And if you don’t have resources available to do the QA and release management, we can take that on for a low monthly fee.

How do I get access?

Sign up to our wait list and we’ll let you know when you have been given access. You’re one step away from reaping the benefits of fully assured open source microservices.


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