Playing with Fire – Enterprise Grade ChatGPT Integration – A Compliance Nightmare?

In my previous post I discussed how easy, at least at a technical level, it is to integrate ChatGPT and other LLM providers into your stack by using the Marvin LLM Framework for Python.

So, after a profitable morning of coffee and coding, I’m sending automated requests out happily from my server to ChatGPT when some bright spark in the office asks “Is that actually a safe thing to do?”.

Thankfully, I had done my homework before even considering piping juicy nuggets of corporate data to an external service, that some claim may be the downfall of humanity, so I did have somewhat of a reasoned answer.

Quick and Easy API Integration to ChatGPT and other Large Language Model providers.

We’ve recently been doing some internal process improvement work and just like every man and his dog at the moment, we identified a need to enhance some of our internal automation by integrating to a Large Language Model (LLM) provider such as ChatGPT.

Fortunately, If you’re a Pythonista, this process couldn’t be much simpler – thanks to a new generic AI integration framework called Marvin, from the folks who brought you Prefect Workflow Orchestration: