The Role of a WAF in Preventing DDoS Attacks

Cloudflare WAF Firewall

The Role of a WAF in Preventing DDoS Attacks

In the bustling world of the internet, your business’s website is like your digital storefront. At Encircle Solutions Ltd., we understand that keeping this storefront open and welcoming to customers is crucial. But just like a physical store, your digital presence can become overwhelmed by too many visitors at once—especially when they’re not the kind you want. This is where our Web Application Firewall (WAF) comes into the picture as our digital bouncer.

Why a WAF?

Imagine a sudden rush of a crowd trying to push through the entrance of your store. It’s chaotic and prevents genuine customers from getting in. In digital terms, this is a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, where numerous systems across the globe flood your website with traffic with the intent to overload your servers and take your website down.

The Digital Bouncer: Keeping Your Website Safe

A WAF operates like a selective filter or a smart security guard for your website. It scrutinises every request that comes to your website to determine if it’s legitimate or part of the unruly crowd (malicious traffic). It’s trained to spot the difference between a real customer and a fake request that could be part of an attack.

How Does WAF Work During a DDoS Attack?

During a DDoS attack, the WAF steps up like an experienced bouncer during a rush hour. It efficiently manages the incoming traffic, allows legitimate visitors to pass through, and keeps the disruptive ones out. By doing so, it ensures that Encircle Solutions Ltd.’s website remains accessible to real users, even under the stress of a digital stampede.

The Encircle Advantage: Seamless Protection

At Encircle Solutions Ltd., we’ve implemented Cloudflare’s WAF because it’s not just about withstanding an attack; it’s about doing so without your genuine customers ever realising there was a problem. Our WAF ensures that the website’s performance and user experience remain unaffected, ensuring continuous availability and security.

The Bottom Line

In essence, our WAF is more than just a firewall. It’s an essential member of our security team, standing guard 24/7, ensuring that traffic to your website flows smoothly and securely. It’s an invisible shield that works round the clock, so you don’t have to worry about digital crowds turning into digital threats.

At Encircle Solutions Ltd., we are committed to providing a safe, secure, and pleasant online experience for our clients and their customers. With WAF in our corner, we keep the digital storefront open, inviting, and, most importantly, secure.

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