enCapture OCR

enCircle’s BPEL engine and the enAct workflow platform are being used for processing thousands of “Stop & Search” forms, Activity Sampling forms, and many other types of paper forms within UK Police forces and private organisations.

       From Paper to Data to Process...
                               ...scan any paper form with enCapture.

Robust and cost-effective document scanners can be distributed to regional offices over large geographical areas. An unlimited number of scanners may be connected without incurring additional license costs for the enCapture OCR software supplied by enCircle. We want to help you reduce costs, not increase them! 

The scanners can be configured to send images to NAS storage devices in order to provide BS-0008 compliance for the legal weighting of digital evidence within UK courts. This is optional, but is highly recommended for Legal Services, Banking, and Public Sector organisations. 

By using the enCapture application from enCircle, you can turn any paper form into electronic data. This includes Orders, Invoices, Remittance advices, Letters, Fax images, even Email attachments, photographs; in fact any image from any source.

The software is the most configurable OCR engine on the market and allows XML and JPEG images to be exported to the enAct Business Process Engine, for executing long running workflow, service orchestration, and data-integration processes.

For more information regarding the enCapture OCR solution, please contact us, or download the attached brochure below.

Darren Woods,
27 Jul 2010, 08:05