enAct BPM

enCircle have created a generic software framework providing many features that could benefit your organisation, whatever the requirements may be. The solution has a “Web 3.0” graphical interface and wizards that enable business users to modify the screens, rules, and processes that make up the final software application.

Six Steps to Process Management...


...with enAct by enCircle.

Here are six simple steps you can use to identify your current operations, what your challenges are, and the opportunities that exist to address them. Sit down with a couple of senior colleagues and a few cups of coffee, then jot down the results of these steps



      1. Model all the departments in your organisation.
      2. List the key high-level business processes that make up your operations.
      3. Assign priorities to each process and identify the 'Priority Process'.
      4. List the steps within each process, and who is responsible for them.
      5. Define the basic information that is required by each process as inputs and outputs.
      6. Finally, brainstorm the messages within each process that pass between people.


In just a couple of hours, you have mapped and understood your organisation's operations in far more detail than ever before. A great second step, if you have time, is to assign a cost and RAG timings to each step in the processes. With this information, you could spend just a day or two configuring enAct BPM to automate and manage these processes. See below for more information...

Zero Code

Starting with a simple process, non-technical users are able to add steps and decisions that interact with other business systems via web services. 

This enables integration to be achieved easily, with no coding required, and changes can be made instantly by the people who require them, providing the agility needed in this day and age.

By adhering to the latest standards, enCircle can ensure the longevity of any application deployed using our framework. 

This guarantees compliance and offers a flexible process management layer to be deployed within your organisation at a fraction of the cost of other BPM systems.


Monitoring is key to managing any process. 

Each Process and/or Domain has it’s own dedicated cluster of BPEL engines, and also a separate Monitoring module and web application server. 

This distributed model decouples unrelated business processes and also simplifies the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the process.

enCircle are proud to be offering their entire BPEL framework as a service, ensuring the costs to our customers are kept to an absolute minimum. This means it really is open source, and not ‘partial source’. 

With enAct, you can be up and running within minutes, deploy test processes, then prove the technology before any expenditure.

Contact us to find out how we can help your organisation manage your business processes, or register for a FREE workshop with your key stakeholders.