Our Company

"enCircle's founding purpose was to create a free, easy to use software development platform aimed at non-technical users."
Darren Woods - Founder.

enCircle was established in February 2004 to develop a Business Process Management platform that meets the needs of organisations wishing to exploit new technology and evolve new ways of working.

This allows our customers to modify the screens, process, and business rules that make up their operations and react in real-time to changing business needs at zero cost.

The methodologies we employ differentiate us from traditional software vendors, by offering least-cost design and development, through to implementation and training.  

Our interactive workshops with end users combine design and development into one stream of work, compressing time-lines and minimising costs.

Applying permaculture principles to our business means each function is also an element, in the same way that a process is also a service. This leads to a cross-fertilisation of innovation, creating powerful results.

Our visions and values
Ease of doing business.

We want our customers to be constantly delighted with every aspect of the services they receive.

Honesty and accountability.

enCircle ensure our staff and processes are transparent, accountable, and, above all, honest.


Enforcing a strict quality management system ensures we meet and exceed expectations.

Change is the only constant.

Our software should change in line with our customers' needs without them incurring uneccessary costs.

Software as a service.

We do not charge for our software, but the services we provide to our customers. We only bill for the time we spend on providing that service. Our customers will not pay for what they don't use.