Mobile Apps Development

Tablet computers, smartphones, PDAs, blackberries, apples, pears, whatever you want to call them, are hear to stay and being used more and more by people for their work, not just play. Since 2004, when we created our first mobile applicaiton, enCircle have been innovating and developing new methodologies to ensure we are ahead of the curve when it comes to secure mobile computing.

enCircle can develop your mobile apps in time and to budget using secure platforms and utilising cloud based services. Think of it as "Mobile as a Service" (MaaS).

We keep it simple from cradle to cradle. We use a single code base that means we write fewer lines of code (Keeping costs low). Our screens use industry standard widgets making them intuitive and easy for users to interact with, while being highly configurable and open.

Some examples of our work include...

Document Management & Forms Processing (Mobile Workforce)

Using our enAct cloud based SaaS (Software as a service), customers are able to take advantage of it's in built mobile forms support. This enables users to interact with their business processes on any device they choose (While being totally secured through CESG approved encryption).

If you would like to discuss the possibilities open to you, then we would love to talk.

NHS Breast Screening Programme (Medical Imaging iPad Application) 

A cloud based server with iPad imaging client. This application enables the Applied Vision Research Centre, based at Loughborough University ( to configure imaging test processes that ensure the quality of breast screening across the UK.

The application was delivered in just 6 months from signing of contracts using the latest Sencha Touch and Ext library (© 2012 Sencha Inc.). The application also runs on Android, iOS, Windows platforms and any device that supports the CSS3 and HTML5 standards.

From shipping 10 year old tablet computers to radiologists and screening centres, the organisation is now able to distribute their images and tests online, allowing people to use their own devices (Desktop, Latpop, 

Activity Sampling (Native Blackberry application for the Police)

Police officers at the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI: are using their Blackberries to fill out timesheets as part of regular activity sampling surveys. Previously officers filled out paper forms, which had to be scanned, or came into the office to enter them on a computer. Now they can stay out on patrol and use quiet time to do the administration.

PSNI have long been users of enCircle’s enAct ABC for sampling actual activity as part of their resource planning. Now it is fully enabled on the mobile devices issued to all officers. This new capability enables officers to stay out on patrol and all but eliminates the administrative burden of printing and subsequently scanning forms.

The system is secure as it uses CESG approved encryption and there is only very limited timesheet data on the Blackberry at any given time. All matching with personal or sensitive data is done centrally after the data has been uploaded to the force data centre. Usually that is immediate but if there is no mobile signal, timesheet entries are cached and automatically submitted when the signal is regained without officer intervention.

Bespoke Tablet Solutions (Multi-Device Support)

enCircle have developed a number of bespoke tablet software solutions for companies of all types. Recently, we have written a cloud based tablet content management system, which automatically updates the client devices with the appropriate content, such as menus, content items, publication statuses, etc...

The cloud based server allows all content to be managed centrally from any device, with client access also being possible from any device (With a browser supporting HTML5 and CSS3).

Again, this solution was developed within just 4 week, and user acceptance testing took a matter of days. If you have a need for a mobile application, delivered quickly and accessible securely from any device, enCircle can deliver!

Bespoke Android OS Customisation & Development

As part of our projects, we have often come across the need to customise the underlying Android operating system on Tablet devices. This includes removing standard components to ensure the tablet device is only used for the intended purpose (Customers aren't able to browse the internet or cause any problems with the devices).

This also include the addition of secure file encryption, communication protocols, firewalls, etc...

We have also branded Android operating systems to they show customer logos and applications in the system menu launchers, which essentially allows business to white-label tablet devices and provide these to customers as their own branded devices.

Contact us to find out more about our Android OS customisation services.

Page Curl / Page Flip Animation - (Android - iOS - Windows Phone)

There are many page curling / page flipping tools our there, but we couldn't find one that supports HTML content (Providing links to more info, etc...) while also animating the content as if the device were a traditional paper book. So we developed one ourselves. This application turns the content from a web server into separate pages, and renders them on the client device.

Users can swipe their fingers to turn the pages, and they can also interact with the pages as they would do from any laptop or desktop browser.

Most page curl / flipping solutions force you to use PDF or Flash formats, but not enCircle's! Ours allows you to retain your interactive content in HTML format, while providing the enhance user experience of browsing a book.

If you would like us to transform your dynamic content into rich and attractive mobile apps, then contact us to find out more.