BPM Seminar - Unleashing the thought behind the buzz.

enCircle are offering seminar workshops to organisations where we discuss the methodology of BPM (Business Process Management) and how this thinking is applied to business strategies.

enCircle has developed the thinking further with specific ideas around demographics and diversity. It explains why, so often, centrally imposed processes and solutions do not deliver the expected benefits. It is a major strategic and operational challenge but there are solutions; that will be the focus of the workshop.

We focus on the collaboration within organisations that span multiple demographics and/or locations. An example might be a global organisation looking to standardise their processes across countries, or national organisations who wish to implement a collaborative approach across their regional offices.

Touching on the issues around large enterprise systems, and the problems with sprawling spreadsheets and emails, we delve into the technology on a very high level, focusing on the relevance to the business.

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