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Rapid Process Automation Delivers Early Benefits & Saves 45K in the first year!

Norfolk Constabulary Takes Initial Steps on Winsor Report Implementation

Mr Winsor
Just three weeks after the publication of the Winsor Report, Norfolk Constabulary is on the way to implementing it. They have added new processes, (Enhanced Pay for Unsocial Hours) to their HR self-service process to support the Winsor Report recommendations on anti-social hours’ allowances.

These new processes will handle 4-500 forms a month and save the payroll team alone around 2 days’ work per month;  when the savings from reduced errors, more timely processing and the reduced work for officers, HR staff and managers are added in the benefits will be considerably more. With so many forms and three levels of sign-off a paper based system would be time-consuming, cumbersome and slow or prone to delays and errors.

The automated process was created in-house using enAct process software from enCircle Solutions Ltd based in Loughborough. Norfolk was already using enAct for HR self-service and Intelligence Briefing and Tasking so was able to move quickly once the Winsor Report was puvblished. enAct is a highly flexible rapid process automation tool for any business workflow, forms or document management system need; enAct will happily work across functions or departments. As Deborah Amiss, Senior HR Manager - HR Consultancy Services (Norfolk) said:

"The benefits of having [team members] able to develop [new screens and processes] for us in house is invaluable and whenever I ask them to they seem to be able to enhance or develop the system to support process evolution. An exceptional selling point of [the enAct] system and enCircle."

enAct allows process owners to draw their process diagrams and then to execute them as a force-wide operational system (Run What You Draw). It allows managers to respond to changing operational needs quickly and effectively. With appropriate change control a new requirement can be identified, a solution created, tested and implemented within hours, completely new systems like the Enhanced Pay for Unsocial Hours process at Norfolk Constabulary can be operational within days.

Norfolk Constabulary will use enAct to add other process such as: Restricted and Recuperative Duties, Probation Forms and, Mileage and Expense claims. Norfolk are also working with Suffolk Constabulary to use enAct to facilitate collaboration.

enAct is available from the G-cloud catalogue without the need to run a procurement competition. Simply follow this link: or click here for the detailed Service Definition:


Independent Review of Police Officer and Staff Remuneration and Conditions:

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