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Service Desk Management for HR & ICT

Norfolk Constabulary performed a strategic review of the HR & ICT processes within their organisation, concluding that there were opportunities for organisational change that require a system to support new business processes.

The solution, designed and delivered by enCircle, exploited quick-wins and identified other process automation opportunities, to manage demand coming into the HR department. This was achieved through;
  • implementing a single service desk case management system, 
  • prioritising demand and effectively tasking the most appropriate role with the request,
  • providing performance and audit data on all tasks within HR,
  • delivering a flexible, scalable and future proof solution.

Return on Investment

The system instantly removed the paper forms HR were using prior to implementation, consequently driving down paper and printing costs, and the more significant manual time savings. However the wider benefits were far greater. The system standardised the way HR service desk staff coordinate their activities and this alone brought a huge amount of transparency, clarity and accountability to the department. With enAct HR, the satisfaction of customers has improved exponentially.


The project utilised BPEL and SOA technology, alongside BPM methodologies, to customise and implement an open source application within a very short timeframe. By using Web 2.0 technology, the project also focused on enhancing the end user experience.

The concept of electronic signatures has instantly increased the speed at which HR can deal with service requests. Furthermore, enAct HR integrated seamlessly with other systems already being used at Norfolk Police Constabulary. This allowed other departments such as ICT, Training, Professional Services, Finance and Payroll to participate in work-flows without thus improving the efficiency of business practices across silos.

Training videos were published to help police staff and officers first use of the system. This meant that police staff and officers were not abstracted from daily duties to attend training courses for the new system. These videos were published by the Communications Team at Norfolk, as part of a wider re-vamp of the HR Intranet site, which provides information on a clear and easily accessible platform.


As part of Norfolk's QUEST initiative, the implementation of enAct HR helped to incorporate a change in working structure from individual based working into a unified service desk. This has enhanced communication between HR and its customers subsequently busting the silos of expertise which existed prior to the change.

Collaboration between team members has increased along with the sharing of information. All users of the case management system can see the most up-to-date information regarding a customer, helping them make better informed decisions and becoming more pro-active.


This project demonstrated that delivering solidifying processes and workflow to support the changes in business behaviour has both immediate and long term benefits.

By codifying HR processes in BPEL, HR can now track and monitor service requests made to them by police officers and staff. Implementing objective analysis and policy enforcement through the use of a configurable business process management system, means officers are now assigned high quality tasks that follow the SMART principles (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-related).

The enAct Process Management system is a clustered BPEL engine framework that allows thousands of concurrent processes to be executed simultaneously. This allows processes to be extended and more added as time goes on. This can also be done in house, by Super Users, without the need for expensive consultants to make the changes. Phase 2 has now been given the go-ahead and this will focus on management reporting aspects, and the required changes in the application front-end.

Summary of success

Norfolk Constabulary contracted enCircle Solutions Ltd. to deliver a cost-effective business process based solution to support planned changes in their Human Resources operations. This was intended to make the force more effective and efficient in the way they managed and tracked service requests.

The system and all associated supplier costs were kept low though a combination of open source software and the development methodology being used by enCircle to deliver the solution.