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Continuous Process Improvement

Take Control, Improve Services and Reduce Costs; Making IT Happen NOW!
CASE STUDY: Continuous Process Improvement & Collaboration at Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies

The timeline above shows how two organisations saved money and improved services, while enabling super users to take control of their processes and overcome organisational boundaries using the “enAct” system from enCircle.

The Challenge / Context

Organisations need to do more with less cash, i.e. increase efficiency. This can only be done successfully by implementing change in rapid, incremental stages. Taking small steps reduces risk and increases agility. With enough small steps, strategic goals will be achieved and the “Big Bang” will never happen, simply continuous and manageable change. Change is the only constant; a continuous process, not an endpoint. Change needs to be happening now!

Collaboration across internal departments and between external organisations present major challenges. Working in close partnership and engaging with all the key stakeholders was key to gaining buy-in at all levels. Standardising and automating policies and procedures across organisations while eliminating paper forms and documents will guarantee ROI.

Constraints of traditional monolithic software systems prevent collaboration, due mainly to development and customisation costs. Change only happens in huge chunks and over long periods of time (while the real world carries on changing and new opportunities are missed).

The Solution

TAKE CONTROL; DO IT FAST! Break away from inflexible traditional “Big IT” and think light and fast. Slash costs and eliminate the need for expensive consultants - Use the people you have, they know your business! Give people the tools to optimise services. Encourage grassroots innovation and ease the pain they (and customers) feel everyday.

Focus on Customer Service. Think like a customer (both external and internal). Provide operational flexibility to meet changing needs. Think “Now” and “Future” in order to make the right choices. Lower training overheads keeps staff on the job looking after customers. Minimise Bureaucracy, retain management information and focus on delivering services. Provide flexibility and speed of response.

What’s Next?

More innovation, less bureaucracy, increased efficiency. Senior management are celebrating success and rewarding staff for their contribution and creative energy in making continuous improvement a reality. They have provided operational flexibility and responsiveness from the grassroots and deserve the recognition for their achievements.

It is time to think, and act, differently.

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